Your care staff: Consultant Dr. Bernhard König, MD  –  Phone: +49(0)30 29 77 897 0

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Our clinic offers thorough and extensive care for your child. Our key services are:

  • Paediatric check-ups
  • Ultrasound: hip, abdomen, skull, etc.
  • Examinations following outpatient birth – e.g. U2/ transcutaneous bilirubin testing
  • Lactation and nutrition counselling
  • Cooperation with midwifery practices
  • Cooperation with partnering specialists, mobile nursing services
  • Differentiated vaccination advice + vaccinations
  • Parent vaccinations
  • Private clinic hours



  • Allergology + hyposensitisation
  • Enuresis/bed wetting treatment
  • Sports exams
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • EKG and circulation testing


  • Laboratory: Immediate laboratory and rapid tests at the clinic as well as association with major laboratory