Our treating specialists: Dr. Kemal Akdenizli, MD and Mr. Mathias Ellinger   –   Phone: +49(0)30 29 77 897 0

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Our clinic provides comprehensive and compassionate care for patients of all ages. Our key services are:


  • “CheckUp 35” (age 35 and up, then optional every 2 years)
  • Adolescent check-ups J1 (age 12 to 14)
  • Skin cancer screening (age 35 and up, then every 2 years)
  • Information about preventing colorectal cancer (age 50 and up)

DMP (Disease Management Programme)

  • EKG
  • Spirometry (pulmonary function test)
  • Long-term blood pressure measurement
  • Sonography (diagnostic ultrasound) of abdominal organs and the thyroid
  • Colorectal cancer after-care
  • Systematic immunotherapy (hyposensitisation)
  • Management programmes for patients with the following chronic conditions:
    – bronchial asthma
    – COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)
    – Type 2 diabetes
    – Coronary heart disease (CHD)

Vaccinations and Exams

  • Vaccination advice and vaccinations
  • Medical consultations for travel and travel vaccinations
  • Medical assessments for:
    – sport boating license
    – sports diving clubs
    – swim and sports clubs


  • Wrinkle treatment and adding volume


  • Immediate laboratory and rapid tests
  • Association with major laboratory

Other Services

  • Psychosomatic primary care
  • close cooperation with speciality clinics, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, mobile nursing services and clinics